New Avengers: Infinity War Featurette Explores The Film’s Visual Effects


Thanos has arrived.

Following 10 years and 18 movies’ worth of build-up, not to mention a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo tucked away beneath the credits of 2012’s The Avengers, Josh Brolin’s Mad Titan finally took center stage during Infinity War, where he commanded the screen in his search of the elusive Infinity Stones. But bringing a character like that to life is no easy task, especially not when you’re doing so in IMAX.

That’s something you’ll hear in the featurette up above, which highlights some of the painstaking VFX work that went into making Avengers: Infinity War the visual feast that it is. Between Thanos, Groot, Rocket and Vision alone, the crew certainly had a herculean job in breathing life into the various CGI characters. And then there were all the other effects – stuff like Iron Man’s Bleeding Edge armor or Doctor Strange’s cape – that had to be figured out.

Circling back to Thanos though, and as they say in this video, if he didn’t work, then the film didn’t work and as such, the Mad Titan presented the biggest challenge for the team. Make no mistake about it, there was a ton of pressure to nail the character, but it’s safe to say that Marvel knocked it out of the park, giving us the MCU’s best villain yet and a totally unforgettable antagonist who will go down in cinema history alongside the all-time greats.

Avengers: Infinity War is now screening across the globe – save for China, of course, which is ready to welcome Marvel’s epic blockbuster into theaters this Friday, May 11th. And when it does, you can expect the film to post some impressive numbers at the box office, given that it’s already broken the ticket presales record over in the Middle Kingdom.

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