New Batman V Superman BTS Photo Shows Zack Snyder And Henry Cavill In Action


Typically, it’s been Zack Snyder divulging cut and concealed content from his time as creative director of the DCEU. Last month, the credited helmer of Justice League published on the social media platform, Vero, his most significant revelation yet, pertaining to the Knightmare timeline in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Last week, Snyder confirmed that the NetherRealm Studios video game, Injustice, indeed influenced the Knightmare sequence in his 2016 superhero blockbuster. Yesterday, the American-born filmmaker then took it one step further, disclosing that Barry Allen/Flash (Ezra Miller) managed to travel back in time via the cosmic treadmill. The device in question originates from the comic books and was invented by Barry, which he uses to speed through time. For example, to deliver the ominous warning to Batman (Ben Affleck) in DOJ.

The message implores Bruce to find Lois Lane (Amy Adams), unite the Justice League and be wary of some tragedy that will befall Superman (Henry Cavill) at some point in the future. This leads Bruce to abandon the Batcave, believing it’s been compromised, and move operations to Wayne Manor for his war against Darkseid.

Well, after this lengthy dissection, Snyder took the rest of night off, allowing Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice cinematographer, Larry Fong, to post a new, behind the scenes snapshot of the director and Cavill in action.

That’s right, it’s finally the Man of Steel’s turn in the spotlight, quite literally, as the still sees Snyder lighting Henry Cavill in full costume, preparing the memorable scene where Batman first beholds Superman behind the wheel of the Batmobile.

Before signing off, Snyder also shared his own behind the scenes look at the Knightmare Batman from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, featuring Ben Affleck’s stuntman Richard Cetrone in the Batsuit. Take a gander at both in the gallery above and be sure to let us know which pic you think’s more interesting in the comments section.

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