New Cars 2 Trailer Now Online

It has only been a day or so since Pixar released a brief synopsis and new image from the upcoming sequel Cars 2, but today they have released a new trailer which gives away a few more enticing nuggets of information on the film.

Following on from the original film, the sequel sees Lightening McQueen and Tow Mater globetrotting to the World Grand Prix in Tokyo. However things go awry when they get embroiled in a spy espionage plot. The big news here is that veteran actor Michael Caine will be voicing the British super spy car Finn McMissile.

There also appears to be some more top voice talent in there too. With much speculation about who they are, there will surely be an announcement in the next couple of days of just who the remaining voice talent is.

I have seen the original Cars and I admit to not being wholly taken with it, being in my opinion Pixar’s only misstep. To be honest this trailer isn’t convincing me to invest in the sequel either, it looks like another British spy movie pastiche/parody and we’ve seen this already in Austin Powers. Only this time its with cars. It isn’t really shattering the test tubes.

But who knows it could be entertaining and no Pixar film is without interest in some area. Considering there was so much to look at in Cars, I doubt this will be any different and the spectacle looks dazzling.

Cars 2 is to be released on June 24, 2011