New costumes surface for Supergirl, The Flash, and Black Manta for upcoming DC films

ezra miller flash
Image via Warner Bros.

Some new costume designs for various DC movie franchise characters are surfacing online via the Las Vegas Expo, including for Supergirl, The Flash from the upcoming titular 2023 film, and Black Manta from next year’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, something that is sure to excite comic book movie fans everywhere.

The new Warner Bros intellectual property images come from a video posted on the Instagram account HipHopGamer.

The exhibition also featured the costume for Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight and his motorcycle from the recent The Batman film, the costume for Pennywise from 2017’s It, another one of Batman’s cowls from 1997’s Batman and Robin, and Michael Jordan’s jersey from Space Jam, among other items.

If that weren’t enough, the Instagram user even posed in front of some life-sized, Squid Game-themed Funko Pop figures.

Some still images were quickly shared on Twitter, where they blew many fans’ minds.

Although some people seemed slightly less impressed with The Flash costume in particular.

One user even compared it to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s somewhat hokey look in Jingle All the Way.

Other social media users contended that the suit, overall, looked ok, but the cowl, in particular, had a bit of a chunky look to it.

Some people could hardly contain themselves in reaction.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is slated to make waves in theaters March 17, 2023, while The Flash sonic booms into cinemas June 23, 2023,