New Deadpool 2 Fan Art Imagines David Harbour As Cable


After a few concerning reports and some prolonged radio silence, Deadpool 2 is back in the spotlight thanks to an exciting new promo (seen above) which debuted in theaters this weekend with Logan. It didn’t give us anything from the film itself, since the scene it featured won’t be part of the sequel, but it did bring along with it a few easter eggs for fans to find. One of which is related to Cable.

At one point in the promo, we see a Firefly poster with Nathan Fillion front and center. Given that the actor’s been a favorite for the role of Cable for a while now, viewers immediately jumped to the conclusion that perhaps he’d been cast in the part. We’re not so sure we buy it, however, as Fillion’s name hasn’t come up on any shortlist as of yet and just a few days ago, The Wrap reported that David Harbour was being eyed and that he’d already screen tested with Ryan Reynolds.

It’ll probably be a while before we get any kind of confirmation of that, but in the meantime, artist Boss Logic has decided to strike while the iron is hot and debut a new shot of the Stranger Things actor as Cable on his Twitter feed. While Harbour playing the time travelling mutant is far from official, it’s definitely easy to imagine him in the role after looking at the photo below, don’t you think?


Deadpool 2 is said to be heading in front of cameras this spring/summer, which means that the studio should be coming to a decision on who’ll play the character quite soon. With hype now starting to seriously build for the sequel thanks to this weekend’s promo, Fox would be wise to follow in Boss Logic’s footsteps and strike while the iron is hot in regards to announcing who’s going to be joining Reynolds in what’s one of 2018’s most anticipated movies.

We’ll be sure to let you know once they’ve made their choice, but in the meantime, feel free to drop a comment in the usual place letting us know who you want to see play Cable in Deadpool 2.

Source: Twitter