Here Are Some New, Disappointing Ender’s Game Posters


Three new posters for Ender’s Game have been released (one above), and they look just as hackneyed as you would imagine for a big-budget, sci-fi film. With no focus on the movie’s concept, the posters do their best to create a clumsy collage of all of the film’s big-name actors, almost laughably displayed in the perfect combination of blue and orange. Previous posters for the movie have fallen into the blue/orange trap as well, but at least their designs were moderately different than every sci-fi one-sheet you’ve ever seen.

The only noticeable improvement in these posters from others released is the tagline “the future must be won,” which is enormously more appropriate than the previously used tagline, “this is not a game,” which, to say the least, hints at an enormous spoiler. And honestly, “the future must be won” is all-around more interesting, while “this is not a game” is practically a universal tagline that can arguably be used for almost any movie.

I am hoping that the prominent pictures of Abigail Breslin in the posters mean that her character will have some significant screen time in Ender’s Game, instead of just indicating a desperate attempt to use her well-known face to get more butts in theater seats. Breslin’s image is around the same size as Hailee Steinfeld’s in each of the posters; I wonder which one actually has a bigger role in the movie. My prayers are sent towards Breslin, but my bet is on Steinfeld. That’s based purely on my favoritism of Breslin’s character and not at all on the actresses’ abilities, to clarify.

There’s only about a month left until we can see Ender’s Game, as the film’s release date is November 1. I’m still psyched about the movie, despite these lame posters, and you should be too. Check out all three of the new posters below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.