New Photo Of Batman From Deleted Suicide Squad Scene Surfaces


Sigh, another day, another snapshot teasing a deleted scene from the shared superhero realm formerly known as the DC Extended Universe that we’ll never get to see.

What with Worlds of DC seemingly headed in the right direction (finally), Matt Reeves was allowed to provide a much-needed status update regarding The Batman recently, and as luck would have it, his “noir-driven” feature could be headed in front of the camera as early as spring next year.

Unfortunately, whether or not Ben Affleck will be donning the cape and cowl for Reeves is still to be determined. That said, thanks to the constant interference of WB and DC, there’s still plenty of footage of Affleck as the Caped Crusader to be discovered, whether it be from Justice League, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice or, as you’ll see below, Suicide Squad.

Under the DC Cinematic subreddit, user_kyros404_ has posted an image of Affleck’s Dark Knight from the anti-hero flick that somehow wound up on the cutting room floor. The photo – which you can check out below – does appear to depict an alternate, or perhaps extended look at the sequence in which Batman can be seen breaking through the windshield of the Joker’s (Jared Leto) submerged Lamborghini to save Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie).

While it was already an underwhelming movie to begin with, being from Toronto (where it was shot) only amplified the failure of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. I take no issue with jumping to defend a film like Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, but even I cannot deny the many a shortcoming lobbied against the supervillain team-up extravaganza.

Then again, despite laying claim to a pathetic 27% score on the Tomatometer, Suicide Squad is somehow getting a sequel, and did manage to turn a tasty profit the first time around, earning $746 million worldwide on a budget of $175 million. So, I guess it wasn’t all bad, right?