New Images Of Justice League Action Figures Offer Up-Close Looks At Steppenwolf And Parademons


While we’ll always anticipate the next trailer to arrive in advance of blockbuster movies, some characters oftentimes flash too briefly onscreen for us to get considerable looks at them. Funnily enough, it’s through action figures and other forms of merchandise that we’re able to gain some of the best perspectives on the major players. Not surprisingly, a heavily hyped, yet closely guarded, flick like Justice League has joined that club.

Actually, the film footage released thus far has generously shown heroes such as Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman, but it’s their buddy Superman who doesn’t often find himself as being included in the promo material. Likewise, the main antagonist, Steppenwolf, has managed to turn heads whenever the latest image of one of his action figures hit the web.

Luckily, another closeup of a collectible modelled after the Apokoliptian has arrived online. Entertainment Weekly labels it as the build-a-figure that’s available as part of the DC Multiverse toy line, but if you were to ask us, it looks a bit more like the one that’s included in a two-pack with Batman.

Regardless, it’s nice to be offered a look at a Parademon (basically, they make up Steppenwolf’s faceless army), which, according to the publication, the “6″ tall Parademon figure features 19 points of articulation and comes with signature double wings and an energy rifle accessory.” This Toys R Us exclusive will retail for $19.99, thus leading us to believe it may be part of the aforementioned Multiverse line.

Additionally, the Flying Fox has been revealed to be a Walmart exclusive. But if you wish to own a replica of the Justice League‘s aerial vehicle, know that it’ll bear a price tag of $79.99.