Is The New Justice League Trailer Coming April 1st?


A new Justice League trailer is coming soon, that much we know. The damn thing has been rumored for months now, with initial reports saying it’d be with us back in December. Well, December came and went without any new footage and here we are now in March and still waiting. With the film arriving in November, it can’t be too much longer before the next trailer surfaces and if speculation is to be believed, it actually may debut in just a few weeks’ time.

Warner Bros. will be hosting a panel at WonderCon this year on Saturday, April 1st, with the description for their showcase reading as such: “Get a sneak peek at upcoming films from Warner Bros., New Line, and DC Entertainment Films, with special guests TBA.” No specifics were given on what they intend to show off, but it’s not hard to guess.

The panel seems like an ideal opportunity to drop the next trailer for Zack Snyder’s upcoming blockbuster, and we’d be very surprised if the studio chooses not to debut it here. They could, of course, focus solely on Wonder Woman instead, but revealing the Justice League preview at WonderCon would make sense for a number of reasons, not to mention that about a month ago, Snyder himself said that it’d be released “soon.”

Beyond that, Warner Bros. has a big job ahead of them if they’re hoping to get fans on board with the film. They’ve already struck out twice (or three times, depending on who you ask), and even if Wonder Woman turns out to be a hit – which we’re not certain it will be – people are going to have their doubts in regards to Justice League. The DC Extended Universe isn’t in the most promising place right now, and if the studio hopes to turn things around, they’d be smart to start marketing the tentpole sooner rather than later.

With WonderCon quickly approaching, we imagine it won’t be long before we learn more. Until then, however, tell us, do you think Warner Bros. is going to use the event to debut the new Justice League trailer? Sound off below with your thoughts!