New Justice League Trailer Will Be Here Soon, Says Zack Snyder


The DC Extended Universe is in trouble. Wonder Woman is being called a “discombobulated mess,” The Flash is still without a director, The Batman is also without someone to helm and pretty soon, Warner Bros. may be looking for a new Caped Crusader. The last remaining bright spot, then, is Justice League. Zack Snyder’s film is hoping to turn things around for the studio and get their grand plan back on track. But will it be enough?

Right now, we’re honestly not sure. The whole cinematic universe is in such a state of disarray that it’s hard to believe that one single movie will turn the tide, no matter how good it may be. Either way, it’s far too early to tell as we really haven’t seen much of Justice League, but that could be about to change. A second trailer has been rumored to be arriving for a while and though we still don’t have an exact date just yet, it doesn’t sound like there’s too much longer to wait.

Originally, it was supposed to drop back in December, before being moved to the spring. Then, Gal Gadot mentioned that it’d be here sooner than that while talking to a fan on Facebook just a few weeks back. Now, Snyder’s contributed to the conversation as well, echoing Gadot’s statement. Taking to Vero, the director said the following: “Trailer is all part of marketing and there is a set schedule for release,” he wrote. “It’s coming soon[,] don’t worry.”

Again, just like with the Wonder Woman actress’ comment, this could mean a number of things. Presumably, “soon” indicates before Comic-Con, which is when we originally expected to see it, but that still gives us a pretty big window to work with considering the convention isn’t until July. Our bet is that Warner Bros. will deliver the next trailer around the end of March or start of April, but with the studio keeping quiet on the matter, we can’t say for sure.

Still, that’s now two prominent DC members who’ve teased that the next Justice League trailer will be with us “soon,” so there can’t be that much of a wait left, right?