New Logan Clip Sees X-23 Get Her Lethal Claws


For a while, fans were uncertain whether the young girl (Dafne Keen) glimpsed in the first teaser for James Mangold’s Logan would actually turn out to be X-23 (a clone of Wolverine in the comic books), but her identity was well and truly confirmed when we saw the character’s lethal adamantium claws emerge in the recent full trailer for the film. It remains to be seen exactly how closely this incarnation of Laura Kinney sticks to her comic counterpart, but from the looks of this latest promo clip, her rather disturbing origin story will remain the same.

The footage kicks off with the feral mutant undergoing the procedure that winds up equipping her with those razor sharp weapons, and it seems she’ll indeed be sporting them on her feet as well as her hands. After a few shots of the poor girl post-op, we then see her brutally testing out her new appendages on her own arm, before almost instantly healing from her wounds just like a certain iconic former X-Man used to do back in the day.

The (supposedly) final solo Wolverine movie is set for its world premiere this weekend at the Berlin International Film Festival, so as soon as the embargo is lifted we’ll be able to share the first batch of reviews with you and find out if the critics were as impressed with the rest of the movie as they were with the first 40 minutes.

Logan will claw its way into theaters everywhere on March 3rd.