New Logan Image Features A Caged Caliban


Now that the WponX Instagram page seems to have stopped debuting cryptic black and white images from James Mangold’s Logan, we’re beginning to see some official, full-color movie stills emerge. This latest one has been scanned from the new issue of Empire Magazine and provides another look at the mutant bloodhound known as Caliban, who’ll be played by British actor/writer Stephen Merchant.

The character actually made his big screen debut in Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Apocalypse, where he was played by Tómas Lemarquis – but continuity has never really been a major concern for Fox’s X-Men franchise. To be fair, though, that movie was set in the ’80 while the events of Logan are supposed to take place at least 40 years later, so there’s always a chance that this is simply supposed to be an older incarnation of Caliban – even if he doesn’t actually look that much different.


As for what’s going on in the photo, well, it seems clear the albino mutant has been imprisoned somewhere. In the comics, Caliban has been both an ally and an enemy of the X-Men, and because we still don’t know that much about the plot of the film, it’s difficult to determine whose side he’ll be on. Though it might be hard to imagine a fellow mutant aiding The Reavers in their hunt for young X-23, keep in mind that Caliban’s power is tracking/locating other children of the atom.

Logan also stars Hugh Jackman, Dafne Keen, Boyd Holbrook, Richard E. Grant, and Patrick Stewart, and is currently set to be released on March 3rd, 2017. A second trailer is expected to debut next month.