New Look At X-23 In Logan Revealed Ahead Of Tomorrow’s Trailer Debut


We’re less than 24 hours away now from the release of the new trailer for Logan, and the movie’s Instagram account has once again shared another black and white teaser image to help whet our appetite. This one is rather appropriately tagged “Waiting,” something we’ve all been doing for our next look at the highly anticipated release.

The marketing campaign for Logan has been a little odd so far, with that first amazing teaser being followed by postcards which fans were supposed to receive ahead of tomorrow’s new preview. They were said to feature frames from the trailer but so far, only a handful of them have popped up on social media, so they haven’t exactly managed to build a great deal of buzz. At least, not as much as Fox no doubt hoped. With any luck, the next trailer will impress and get people talking a bit more.

Circling back to the image above though, and as you can see, it features the young Laura looking very out of place doing what a normal child might do. Then again, X-23 isn’t an ordinary child. She too has adamantium claws and in Logan, it will be up to Wolverine to watch out for her.

While the timeline of the X-Men movies is beyond confusing, and that’s putting it lightly, many fans believe we could see a grown up Laura return to be part of X-Force. It would make sense, especially with Hugh Jackman hanging up his claws, but we’ll likely have to wait and see how Logan sets up her future before jumping to any conclusions. For now, we’ll be sitting tight until the trailer drops as it’ll no doubt bring with it more clues as to how the mysterious child factors into everything.