New Poster For The Grudge Reboot Will Stare Into Your Soul

The Grudge

If The Grudge‘s first poster harkened back to 2004, then today’s all-new one-sheet gets up close and personal, as below you’ll see Kayako’s piercing eyes stare out from beneath a familiar crop of inky-black hair.

We’re very much in Grudge territory now, dear readers, and today’s brand new poster warns us that “it will never let you go.” It being the deathly curse made famous by Takashi Shimizu’s horror phenomenon, rather than the killer clown of It: Chapter Two.

This time around, it’s a young detective played by Andrea Riseborough who finds herself caught between the crosshairs of the Grudge. The Nicolas Pesce-directed film follows Riseborough’s character, Muldoon, as she investigates a serious of suspicious deaths all stemming from one house – a house with a ghost in its walls. And so, as soon as Muldoon opens the door, the titular curse latches onto her, and stalks her every movement until, well… you’ve seen a horror movie before, haven’t you?

Pegged for a release in January 2020, the “sidequel” actually exists in the same timeline as the 2004 remake, while still taking the horror mythology in an exciting new direction. All of this was explained during last week’s debut trailer, which arrived just in time for Halloween. In it, we get to know a little bit more about Andrea Riseborough and the plight she faces. And if the first poster was anything to go by, she’ll be subjected to the same fate as Sarah Michelle Gellar’s exchange student, who realized far too late that she wasn’t alone in the shower

Expect The Grudge reboot to be summoned into theaters in time for January 3rd, 2020, when John Cho (The Exorcist) and Betty Gilpin of Glow fame will round out the cast.