New Poster For Water For Elephants, Trust And Fast Five

Couple new movie posters today. Three to be exact. Water For Elephants, Trust and Fast Five. For those unfamiliar with the films, let me lay it out for you. Water For Elephants is the upcoming Robert Pattinson movie, the one that is finally going to show the world that he can really act, when given a good script. Don’t believe me? Check out Remember Me. Oh and it stars Christoph Waltz, which is never a bad thing.

Trust is a drama from director David Schwimmer, yes that’s Ross from Friends. It revolves around a young girl being targeted by an online sexual predator. With Clive Owen and Catherine Keener starring, this one could be interesting. When it played at TIFF 2010 it received mixed reviews but I’m still looking forward to seeing it.

Last is Fast Five, the next film in the Fast and Furious series. Need I say more? Check out the posters below and let us know what you think.