New Resident Evil: Vendetta Clip Is Nothing Short Of Astonishing


Although the live action Resident Evil film franchise certainly did accrue quite the following over the course of its fifteen-year lifespan, it was met with a bit of consternation by longtime fans of the video games, novels and other previously existing forms of entertainment. But something that folks on both sides of the fence have been able to get behind when it comes to non-interactive experiences is that of the amazing line of CGI animated films, the next of which will be Resident Evil: Vendetta.

Much like its predecessors – Degeneration and Damnation – this offering bridges the gap between two installments in the main series of games, specifically Resident Evil 6 and 7. Just how it ties things together hasn’t been made entirely clear at this point, as these films usually hit stores before the games they’re supposed to lead into, but our best guess is that Capcom and Sony Pictures didn’t want this and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter competing for the attention of moviegoers and wish for both flicks to thrive.

Since dazzling audiences with the most recent trailer, we haven’t had much to go on, but this newly released clip has raised our level of anticipation all the more. Sure, it doesn’t divulge any major plot points, but seeing Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield brave the horde of undead is worth watching over and over again. Well, more so for Leon, who executes a gun kata worthy of John Wick and effectively steals the show, so hats off to the motion capture team for this one.

Resident Evil: Vendetta is set to arrive in theaters for one night only on June 19 courtesy of Fathom Events, before eventually making its way to Blu-ray and DVD. A home video release date, however, is yet to be set in stone, but we’ll keep you posted.