New Spider-Man Hyundai commercial may contain spoilers for ‘No Way Home’


With fans desperate for any new Spider-Man: No Way Home content, many were surprised when Hyundai announced they would be releasing a special short titled One Way Home directed by Jon Watts himself. Everyone knew it would likely just be a commercial for their cars featured in the film, but some still hoped for a tiny glimpse into what may be happening in the film proper.

Not only do we now know the illustrious actors known as Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Hyundai Tucson will be appearing in the film, but we’ve got some new posters as well!

Oh, and the license plate on the Hyundai in question may explain one of the things that has been on the mind of MCU fans everywhere: Why do all of the new villains have so much Stark tech?

The license plate on the car reads “ASM 536” which seems innocuous at first until you do a little bit of digging. Issue 536 of Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 features an extremely similar hotel scene to that in the new short. Not only this, but the Spider-Man in the comic is attacked by Tony Stark’s Iron Man himself in the comic.

While there’s basically no way we see Tony straight up joining the Sinister Six outside of our wildest dreams, the very beginning of the comic is where things get interesting. In it, Peter Parker proves he’s smart enough to override commands given by Stark for his very own tech.

With this ability for Spider-Man to mess with the “Iron Spider Armor” himself, it’s no wonder that the villains in the movie could potentially be crafty enough to pull off something similar, at least Doc Ock anyways. Of course, this may just simply be a general reference to Iron Man “attacking” Tom Holland’s Spider-Man due to the tech the villains of the film seem to have acquired as well and nothing more.

What do think about the possibility of Tony Stark having heavier involvement in Spider-Man: No Way Home than we could have imagined? Is it possible this callback to an old comic has an even deeper meaning than we know? Sound off in the comments!