Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Comic-Con Footage Sees Miles And Peter Team Up


Upcoming animation Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is doing so much right in terms of visuals and characters that any further plot details seem almost beside the point, though reports of new footage at this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con certainly won’t hurt in keeping fans excited for Miles Morales’ big screen debut.

ComicBook.com were on the scene at SDCC, where they broke down some clips depicting the personal life of the teenage Miles, as well as an encounter with his more famous web-slinging forbearer, Peter Parker.

“Miles get dressed for school as his pants shrink. He realizes he might have hit puberty. As he walks through school continuing his thought, text boxes showing the thoughts pop up on the screen like a comic panel. In school, he gets his hand stuck in Gwen’s hair and can’t get it out. After he fails to get his hand out, the nurse has to shave her head to get him free from her.

At night, Miles visits Peter’s grave and apologizes for not doing what he wanted him to do. He thinks he can’t do it alone. At his own grave, Peter Parker approaches from behind. Miles accidentally knocks him. As police approach, Miles grabs Peter and flees. Peter accidentally web shoots onto a train and they both end up being dragged with it. It plays like a music video with witty beats of dialogue interspersed.”

The new footage also sees Peter assume the role of mentor, while bringing in a few more classic characters.

“Later, Peter is tied to a punching bag. Miles realizes the man is Peter Parker and questions why he isn’t dead. He goes on to figure out that Peter is from a different universe and can teach him how to be Spider-Man. Peter freed himself.

Later, there is a hall of Spider-Man suits. Kingpin reveals himself, his body is massive. He is going to hunt Spider-Man. The two flee from a lab and use trees in the woods to run. They are pursued by armed scientists with laser guns. After getting caught in webs, Gwen Stacy saves them, and says she is from another dimension.

The Lizard chases them in a quick cut. Explosions in New York City. Action beats.

In a Spider-Cave, Spider-Man Noir greets them, with Penny Parker her giant robot voiced by Komiko Glenn, and Spider-Ham voiced by John Mulaney.”

Between this and the new trailer, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse keeps finding fresh ways to get us hyped for the film’s eventual release on December 14th, 2018, and we simply can’t wait to see more of what Sony Pictures has planned for us.