New Star Trek Beyond Trailer Rings In Franchise’s 50th Anniversary In Style


Yesterday, Keenser said ‘relax!’ as Simon Pegg took to Twitter to ramp up excitement for the arrival of Star Trek Beyond‘s all-new trailer and sure enough, in celebration of the franchise’s 50th anniversary, Paramount has debuted a fresh look at Justin Lin’s upcoming sci-fi blockbuster.

Ardent Trekkies may have taken issue with Beyond‘s reveal trailer – played against “Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys, it drummed up the threequel’s action sensibilities above all else – but there’s no question that today’s sizzle reel offers up a much more comprehensive overview of Lin’s feature, from the scattered Enterprise crew to Idris Elba’s “complex and groundbreaking” villain, Krall.


With Lin behind the lens, Beyond welcomes the return of Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, John Cho and Anton Yelchin – and, seemingly, two mysterious, big-name cameos – while there’s also a villain role for Idris Elba, stepping into the shoes of towering baddie, Krall, who harbors a deep hatred of the Enterprise crew.

Star Trek Beyond shoots for theaters on July 22. The journey doesn’t end there for Kirk and Co., however, with Paramount seemingly keen to push on with Star Trek 4. For now, though, feast your eyes on the new trailer above and let us know if you think the film will be an improvement over the mediocre Star Trek Into Darkness.