New Teaser For Finding Dory Takes You Beyond The Sea


Ellen DeGeneres’ forgetful explorer is back in today’s all-too-brief teaser for Finding Dory, which offers a new spin on the sequel’s title.

In what is essentially a motion poster, the clip features a confused Dory swimming around a 3D rendition of the sequel’s title, and if there was ever any doubt that Andrew Stanton’s long-awaited follow-up would dial back the clumsiness of DeGeneres’ titular fish, today’s teaser ought to put those fears to bed.

Picking up a full six months after the 2003 original, Finding Dory introduces us to a time and place when Dory has settled into life living with Albert Brooks’ clownfish and their aquatic neighbors. But after agreeing to partake in a class trip with Nemo, one which has her lay eyes on manta rays migrating home, our protagonist discovers a burning desire to locate her wayward parents, and ultimately jog that unreliable memory of hers.

Also starring Albert Brooks, Diane Keaton, Willem Dafoe, Dominic West, Ed O’Neill, Eugene Levy and Idris Elba, Finding Dory makes a beeline for theaters on July 29.


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