New Once Upon A Deadpool Poster Promises A Christmas Miracle


They said a PG-13 Deadpool movie couldn’t be done – or at the very least, they hoped it wouldn’t be done – but this new poster for Once Upon a Deadpool has a puntastic message for the doubters: “Yule Believe in Miracles.”

The latest promotional image puts the Merc with a Mouth front and center, accompanied by a heavenly band that includes an angelic Fred Savage on triangle. Meanwhile, on the bottom right of this depiction of the afterlife is a little dog that looks an awful lot like the pup who was killed in David Leitch’s John Wick, and seeing how the opening credits of Deadpool 2 referred to the director as “One of the guys who killed the dog in John Wick,” that can’t be mere coincidence.

Overall, the poster may not be enough in itself to win over the project’s many skeptics, but it’s clear that the consensus is changing for the better on this PG-13 re-release of Deadpool 2. Wade Wilson’s own co-creator Rob Liefeld certainly helped matters when he took to Instagram last week to praise the new cut as “one of the most daring and insane outings this series has seen,” challenging the popular narrative that a family-friendly Deadpool is a safe and edgeless Deadpool.

The writer had some particularly kind words for the new scenes with Fred Savage, who looks set to shower Ryan Reynolds’ character with insults as the Merc reads him a censored version of his last screen outing in a parody of The Princess Bride. We’ll find out if the fans are similarly sold on the project when Once Upon a Deadpool begins its two-week run in cinemas from December 12th.

Source: Twitter