New WandaVision Theory Says Logan Is Responsible For X-Men Joining The MCU


Social media went nuts last Friday when Evan Peters turned up as his version of Quicksilver at the end of the latest episode of WandaVisionmarking the first time one of the stars of Fox’s X-Men universe has appeared in the MCU. There are many different ways this could go on the Disney Plus show, but assuming that Peters is playing the exact same character he portrayed before, then how is this crossover between the universes possible?

Well, a wild new fan theory suggests that Logan holds the answer. In the acclaimed 2017 film, an aged Professor X has lost control of his powers, and it’s hinted that one of his telepathic attacks killed the X-Men. This isn’t fully delved into, though, so Reddit user u/electron-shock has pitched their idea on the r/MCUTheories subreddit that maybe Charles Xavier actually shunted the team off into the MCU’s dimension instead.

“Professor X didn’t kill the XMen as described in Logan. They were pulled into the MCU and Prof X took the blame in the confusion. The multiverse tear is also what ‘broke’ Xaiver [sic].”

That is actually a pretty smart idea, and would be a neat way for Marvel to respect the continuity of Fox’s films as well as handle the X-Men in their own way. It was always a bit of a downer that after the happy ending of X-Men: Days of Future Past the mutant heroes’ story ended in such a horrible manner in Logan, so this retcon could do away with that and give all those fan favorites another chance. And considering the hazy canon of the X-Men universe, Marvel could still recast anyone they wanted to as well.

WandaVision showrunner Jac Schaeffer has promised that Peters’ appearance “makes sense” and that Kevin Feige was involved with the story development, so Quicksilver’s return may either mean a groundbreaking crossover like this theory suggests is on the way, or else there’s a far simpler, less multiversal, explanation. Hopefully more answers are dished out as the series continues this Friday on Disney Plus.