New Wonder Woman Trailer Coming This Thursday


It’s been rumored for a while now that a new trailer for Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman would be arriving in November, and now we finally have some official confirmation straight from the horse’s mouth. The director took to Twitter earlier today to announce that the second trailer for the film will be released on Thursday.

It’s also been confirmed that the trailer will appear in theatres this weekend, most likely attached to Marvel’s Doctor Strange. As for its online debut though, it’s hard to say exactly when on Thursday it will premiere, but our bet is on some time in the morning, with a teaser for the trailer likely being released tomorrow to build up the anticipation.


Though the general feeling towards the film seems to be positive so far, the debacle that was Suicide Squad mixed with some negative buzz coming from an ex-Warner Bros. employee has made some fans start to think twice about the hero’s solo outing.

While Wonder Woman was most definitely the highlight of Batman V Superman, and there’s no denying that Gal Gadot is perfect in the role, it’d still be best to approach the film with caution as the studio hasn’t exactly had the best track record so far with their DCEU movies. 

Circling back to the trailer though, like we said above, Warner Bros. will probably announce an exact time tomorrow when they presumably release the trailer preview. Until then, let us know how you’re feeling about Wonder Woman so far by commenting down below!

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