Newcomer Fionn Whitehead Circling Lead Role In Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk


Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, Christian Bale; that’s the echelon of leading characters scattered across Christopher Nolan’s recent body of work. But according to The Wrap, the esteemed director may be about to shift gears for his 2017 WWII epic, Dunkirk.

Rather than be drawn to a proven A-lister, the report suggests that Nolan has his eyes set on relative newcomer Fionn Whitehead. Circling one of the two young leads for Warner Bros.’ wartime drama, Whitehead has but one role to his name thus far – ITV miniseries Him – meaning the youngster could be primed for the casting coup of a lifetime should the deal fall into place. No further details were disclosed at this stage.

Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh and Mark Rylance topline the preliminary cast and after scouting for appropriate locations in northerly France before the turn of the year, Nolan is ready to fire up production. There, he’ll be flanked by German composer and all-round good luck charm Hans Zimmer, while Interstellar DP Hoyte van Hoytema is also on board to extend his streak with the filmmaker.

Working from his own script – likely penned alongside brother and long-time writing partner Jonathan Nolan – Dunkirk tells the gruelling tale of Operation Dynamo, a massive rescue mission staged by the Allies during the height of World War II. An exercise in risk-taking, the event would go on to pluck thousands of troops from the beaches of Northern France, saving thousands of lives in the process.

Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk will plot course for theaters on July 21, 2017.