Nick Castle Weighs In On Escape From New York Remake


When it comes time to discuss the illustrious career of a director such as John Carpenter, it can become rather difficult to choose a single favorite from his films. But as much as I love Halloween and Big Trouble in Little China, I think Escape from New York actually takes the cake for me.

Funny enough, a follow-up arrived years later in the form of Escape from L.A., but the plot was so similar to the original that you could consider it to simultaneously be a sequel and a remake. Still, Hollywood has been wanting to get an actual remake off the ground for some time now.

Most appropriately, asked longtime friend and collaborator of Carpenter’s, Nick Castle, what he thought of the long-gestating second attempt. Seeing as how he co-wrote the screenplay to the original Escape from New York, I was interested in reading his following response:

“You know, I keep hearing this and that actor is gonna get involved and this production company. I just sit back and hopefully the checks will come in. We’ll see. Of course, I would hope that John is involved somehow so that it has his signature, ’cause I like it when companies and filmmakers that are using the material have a certain respect for where it came from.”

Much like it is for Castle, a retelling of this particular story remains filed under “I’ll believe it when I see it” for me. In fact, the closest I remember it seeing daylight was just over a decade ago. But thanks to the writers strike occurring and lead actor Gerard Butler exiting to presumably star in more romantic comedies, that iteration of the production fell apart.

The most recent crack at the bat actually belongs to none other than Robert Rodriguez, a man whom I believe to be a fine choice for director. On the downside, nothing’s been said about his involvement since December of 2017, but hope springs eternal.

To be honest, it may be impossible to recapture lighting in a bottle and match the atmosphere boasted by the original Escape from New York, but I’ll most assuredly check out a re-imagining should one ever hit theaters. As always, it’s recommended that you keep watching this space for more.