Here’s Why Nick Fury Targets Spider-Man In Far From Home


When it comes to Spider-Man: Far From Home, I’m not sure I can put into words why it’s such an important movie. I mean, not only is it Webhead’s second solo adventure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it’s also the first flick rolled out in a post-Endgame world. In other words, it may very well begin charting the new course for the brand as a whole.

If we needed anything to corroborate this notion though, it certainly helps that Nick Fury will be playing a key role in the picture. In a way, he’s been the MCU’s lynchpin since the very beginning, having first showed up in Iron Man‘s post-credits scene in 2008, before pulling together Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in 2012’s The Avengers.

While speaking with Total Film Magazine ahead of Far From Home‘s debut, director Jon Watts revealed why Fury felt it necessary to track down Spidey:

“You know, you have to think of Fury’s perspective as well. He was Snapped out for the last five years, just like Spidey, then brought back. So now you have this character who’s always known everything, always been in charge, who literally created the Avengers…and he’s on the back foot, probably for the first time in his life. He needs to rebuild his team, and he’s got a high school kid dodging his calls. He’s not going to be happy!”

Another way to look at this situation is that it’s somewhat similar to the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series. In that iteration, it was less about a kid protecting his neighborhood from the usual villains and more having to do with the Marvel Universe as a whole. In fact, Fury played a big part on that show, often overseeing whatever the latest threat had been.

Okay, granted, this movie is a much different ballgame, but some of you will see some validity in that comparison. We’d already had two other motion picture series devoted to the wallcrawler that were more intimate, so perhaps it’s best to widen the scope so that the franchise won’t become stale.

Spider-Man: Far From Home opens in theaters on July 2nd.