Nicola Peltz And The 5th Wave Star Alex Roe Will Share A Moment To Remember


Director Ben Lewin has found his two leading stars for A Moment to Remember, a remake of the 2004 South Korean drama of the same name.

Bringing together two rising talents in the form of Nicola Peltz (Transformers: Age of Extinction) and Alex Roe (The 5th Wave), The Hollywood Reporter brings word that the pair of up-and-comers will topline the romantic drama, which is being shopped by The Exchange at Berlin Film Festival in the search for an international distributor.

Working from a script by Susannah Grant, Lewin’s tear-jerker will hue closely to the narrative of the original, placing Roe and Peltz in the roles of a lovestruck husband and wife. When the latter succumbs to a rare and crippling mental disorder, causing her to lose grip on short and long-term memories, Roe’s spouse devises a plan to provide his ailing significant other with, well, A Moment to Remember. Tissues at the ready, folks!

If the core concept reads similarly to, say, The Fault in Our Stars, it should. In a statement released today, CEO of The Exchange Brian O’Shea welcomed the casting of Peltz and Roe.

“For fans of the original breakout film, and those of us who enjoyed The Fault in Our Stars, The Vow and Letters to Juliet, you can expect the same touching story of a man going to great lengths for the woman he loves. The chemistry between Alex and Nicola is going to melt your heart, put a smile on your face and bring tears to your eyes.”

First making its bow more than a decade ago, A Moment to Remember pulled in a strong box office across Japan and its native region of South Korea. A timeless love story if ever there was one, the casting of Peltz and Roe will surely help bring the film to a western audience.

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