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Nicolas Cage Enlists For Near-Future Thriller The Humanity Bureau

Deadline is reporting that Dog Eat Dog star Nicolas Cage has climbed aboard The Humanity Bureau, a new sci-fi thriller from director Rob King.


The Humanity Bureau has made room in its ranks for Nicolas Cage, according to Deadline, now that the Dog Eat Dog star has signed on for the near-future thriller just as production gears up to begin in British Columbia later this week.

Directed by Rob King, news of the casting coup comes hand-in-hand with confirmation that Sarah Lind, Jakob Davies and Hugh Dillon have also climbed on board.

Set in the not-so-distant future – the year 2030, to be precise – The Humanity Bureau takes place in a world wracked by the devastating effects of climate change. In the fallout, part of the American Midwest slides into a crippling recession, forcing the government to found the titular agency to identify unproductive members of society and banish them to a colony known as New Eden.

Deadline goes on to reveal that Nicolas Cage will head up the near-future thriller as a caseworker tasked with investigating the case of a mother (Sarah Lind) and her son (Jakob Davies), who may have been sentenced to New Eden based on a lie. Although there’s not much to report beyond that enticing logline, The Humanity Bureau simply screams of political intrigue and government conspiracies, so let’s just hope the end product fulfils that potential. Dave Schultz is the brains behind the screenplay.

Nicolas Cage recently starred opposite Willem Dafoe for crime caper Dog Eat Dog, and will soon head to the Middle East for loony satire, Army of One. Neither picture scored terribly well with critics though, so here’s hoping that The Humanity Bureau represents another return to form for Cage.

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