Nicolas Cage may not know anything about a ‘Face/Off’ sequel, but he’d star in it


It’s been a very long time since we’ve heard anything about Adam Wingard’s direct sequel to 1997 action classic Face/Off, which is admittedly understandable when the filmmaker is set to dive back into the MonsterVerse to helm the sequel to his smash hit crossover Godzilla vs. Kong, with shooting expected to begin soon.

He’s also been developing a live-action/CGI hybrid of ThunderCats, a passion project he’s been wanting to bring to life since childhood, so there are plenty of irons in the fire. The last semi-official update came when co-writer Simon Barrett admitted that the studio has yet to officially green light Face/Off 2, but he intimated the top brass were impressed with the pitch.

Wingard advised us to “read between the lines” when it came to the prospective returns of John Travolta and Nicolas Cage, and while the latter confirmed in a relatively recent interview that he didn’t know anything about a second installment, he did revisit John Woo’s original to prepare for The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, stating that it held up beautifully.

face off

However, Cage did a Reddit AMA yesterday to promote his upcoming self-referential action comedy, and when asked if he would return for another bout of face-swapping shenanigans, the Academy Award winner answered with a succinctly resounding “yes”.

That’s good news regardless of Face/Off 2‘s current status, because the entire operation instantly falls to pieces were Cage to show no interest in chewing on the scenery again, even if his opposite number Travolta hasn’t yet made any public comments on the matter.

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