First Look At Nicole Kidman And Colin Firth In Before I Go To Sleep

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Though The Railway Man didn’t go over so well with critics, Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth are intent on continuing their creative partnership. The pair are currently set to star in period drama Genius, but before that, they’ll be seen on screen together in the thriller Before I Go To Sleep, which we now have our first look at thanks to two photos and a sales poster.

Based on S.J. Watson’s bestselling novel of the same name, the Rowan Joffe-directed film will follow Kidman as a woman who “wakes up each morning with no memory, with her husband (Firth) telling her that she’s suffered a trauma and needs to stay at home. However, when a doctor (Mark Strong) starts helping her put her memories together, the woman discovers her husband may not be who he says he is. “

While it likely won’t turn too many heads, Before I Go To Sleep sounds like a promising thriller that might offer up a bit of pulpy fun once it hits theatres. The cast is pretty strong, and though the plot seems a bit recycled, if executed properly, it could make for a mildly entertaining watch. Let’s just hope that the film turns out to be a bit more inventive and fresh than its plot makes it sound.

Before I Go To Sleep is still without a release date, but I’d expect it to start showing up on the festival circuit, probably starting with TIFF. Check out the pics below and let us know what you think.