A Nightmare On Elm Street Fans Launch Campaign For Robert Englund’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star

Robert Englund in A Nightmare on Elm Street

One, two, Freddy’s coming…to the Hollywood Walk of Fame? He very well might be!

Media companies Nostalgic Nebula and HorrorPulse/FlatlineTV, huge fans of the prolific A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to fund the installation and maintenance of a prestigious star on the shiny sidewalk that hosts dozens of Tinseltown’s greats. Not only will the funds raised be used to make the star physically happen, but the companies are also making a documentary of the whole thing.

Per the campaign page, for contributing to this noble cause, fans can snag enamel pins, commemorative T-shirts and sweatshirts, raffle tickets, and even a trip to the unveiling ceremony if the project is successful. The only thing holding this back from full success is the stiff competition; the Committee only selects 30 stars a year, and, as one could imagine, there are hundreds of applicants.

Robert Englund, the actor under the horrific burn scars and neckbeard fedora, first portrayed the dream murder in the original film way back in 1984, with his eighth and final appearance in 2003’s disappointing Freddy vs. Jason. His take on the 80’s horror slasher was one of the most iconic, with Freddy arguably having the most characterization out of all the heavy hitters, er, stabbers.

Compared to the stoic, silent Michael Myers and the, uh, stoic, mostly silent Jason Vorhees, Mr. Krueger, with his one-liners and imaginative ways to dispatch sleepy, horny teens, was the only slasher to seem like more than just a personification of pure evil. Freddy was evil, sure, but he was also kind of funny. You actually rooted for the guy…sometimes.

Why not take a look at the IndieGoGo page yourself and see if you don’t want to make this a dream come true for A Nightmare On Elm Street fans and stars alike.

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