The First Six Nightmare On Elm Street Films Will Hit Shudder In August

Robert Englund in A Nightmare on Elm Street

Even as the temperature outside continues to climb, the folks at Shudder are intent to send shivers down the spines of their loyal viewers. They have a particularly frightening slate of bone-chillers planned for August, including the the first six installments of the iconic A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise all dropping on the first of the month.

As if those flicks aren’t enough to make people bite their nails, there are many more scary projects coming to the platform soon. Here are what subscribers can expect to find on the terrifying streaming service over the coming weeks:

  • August 1st: Raising Cain
  • August 5th: The Slumber Party MassacreSlumber Party Massacre II
  • August 8th: NOS4A2 (first episode only with additional episodes being added every Thursday through October 10th)
  • August 12th: Chopping Mall, Get My GunWhy Horror?
  • August 15th: Incident in a Ghostland
  • August 19th: Bad MoonHell Night
  • August 26th: Humanoids From the DeepThe Love Witch
  • August 29th: Belzebuth

With new content being released every few days throughout the month, horror fans should find plenty to keep them busy for the rest of the summer. On that list, audiences can find plenty of classics, as well as more than a few under-the-radar films that they may have never even heard of. A solid blend of old school flicks is mixed in with a bunch of newer films, both of which are bound to terrify for months on end.

The unnerving Nightmare on Elm Street movies undoubtedly highlight this list, especially with all of the talk currently surrounding the legendary series. Rumors of a reboot continue to swirl, while franchise mainstay Robert Englund looks to be on the verge of getting his own documentary. These latest inclusions onto the scary platform’s roster will help longtime fans reacquaint themselves with Freddy Krueger and introduce the freaky dream stalker to a whole new generation of horror savants.

These aforementioned features won’t be coming to the streaming service until August, but there’s still tons of great material ready to be enjoyed on Shudder right now. Sign up today and get ready to be scared!