Nightwing Director Confirms Open Casting Call

Knowing how broad the horizon is when it comes to DC films said to be arriving in theaters over the course of the next few years, I’ll be bold in saying that the movie I’m most looking forward to in a post-Justice League world may very well be Nightwing. Sure, my favorite character may be Batman himself, but we’ve grown quite accustomed to seeing him on the big screen and, let’s face it, a picture focused squarely on the Boy Wonder grown up is long, long overdue.

Luckily, it sounds like Warner Bros. have found the right guy to sit in the director’s chair, that being Chris McKay. Having already made the studio some serious dough with The LEGO Batman Movie, the filmmaker looks to continue his stay in Gotham City. Truth be told, I was concerned as to whether he was the man for the job at first, given the animated flick’s comedic tone, but he’s since proven that he knows what makes Dick Grayson tick.

Still, the studio has yet to lock in the most important piece of the puzzle of all, that, of course, being who’ll play Dick Grayson himself. Not long ago, McKay affirmed that matters aren’t being rushed, but it’s looking like a 2018 start date is being eyed when it comes to production.

Speaking of which, the man behind it all recently took to Twitter, confirming an open casting call will soon begin:

Naturally, diehard fans have already made cases for their favorite actors to play Grayson, but we can probably all agree that the right guy needs to be found, no matter if he’s a big name or not. Really, there existed points in time when people wondered who the heck Christopher Reeve and Gal Gadot were, and we all know how their respective takes on Superman and Wonder Woman turned out. Likewise, we could see a similar situation with Nightwing.