Nightwing Director Teases When Big Announcements May Come And Possible Shooting Location


These days, there are a few obvious upcoming DC films that are inspiring much chatter, such as The Batman and Wonder Woman 2, but there’s also one that we shouldn’t forget about that’s been merely a dream to comic book fans for the longest time. We are, of course, talking about Nightwing, a motion picture that’ll tell the story of the Dark Knight’s first apprentice as he breaks out on his own.

Obviously, those of you who are awaiting this movie as anxiously as I am are wondering when we’re going to get some kind of official word regarding it because no release date has been given by the studio. But, lest we forget, director Chris McKay pointed out not long ago that Warner Bros. aren’t painting him into a corner creatively, for they’re said to be affording him enough breathing room to make sure he gets this right – and that’s certainly a good thing.

Still, it was hard not to experience a shred of doubt when Nightwing wasn’t counted among the other DC Extended Universe films being touted at a Brazilian convention over the weekend, but McKay has returned to once again put our minds at ease with the following Tweet, saying that big announcements could be right around the corner:

Given that an open casting call will soon commence, that sounds like a reasonable timeline. Additionally, where the movie will shoot remains a question on the minds of many, and it’s another topic McKay decided to touch on:

Being a resident of the Detroit area, I’d be among those most thrilled to see Nightwing film here. As you may recall, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice did just that, and I have fond memories of venturing to the downtown locations to get a glimpse of a blockbuster in the works. Rest assured that if Nightwing follows suit, I’ll do the same.