Nintendo Touches Base On Movie Strategy: It’s “A Really Interesting Area For Us”


Nintendo may have its roots in the video game business, but in recent years, the Japanese giant has taken strides to strengthen its brand across numerous platforms – and that repositioning effort also involves the prospect of making movies.

While it isn’t necessarily aiming to jump-start a production line of blockbusters, it’s understood Nintendo is at the very least interested in creating video content. That’s according to CEO Tatsumi Kimishima, who spoke during a Q&A meeting with shareholders (via GameSpot) about the potential venture into the movie business.

“First let’s talk about the video business. It’s less a venture into the movie business, and more a question of how we can utilize the Nintendo IP in video content as part of the broader effort to put our IP to practical use. If anyone wants to partner with us, we’ll hold discussions. The fact that there are many interested parties is something we’ve already mentioned.”

Presiding over a roster of beloved IP – from Mario to Zelda, Nintendo owns some of the biggest names in gaming – it’s fair to say that many of Nintendo’s properties would pull in a huge audience. But the calamitous misfire of Super Mario Bros. in ’93 casts a long shadow, and though there have been mooted reports of a Zelda series setting up shop on Netflix, Nintendo has some work to do before establishing a presence in the movie scene.

In news relating to The Big N, we learned earlier today that the company’s UK arm may be affected by the United Kingdom’s decision to exit the European Union.