No Time To Die’s Léa Seydoux Says The Bond Girl Label Is Outdated

Daniel Craig in Spectre

Coinciding with No Time To Die making a promising start at the box office, one of its stars is now acknowledging how much the franchise has progressed in terms of representation of women while also speaking out about how to make improvements going forward, Fox News reports.

No Time To Die represents the final outing for its star Daniel Craig as James Bond, who has historically been a rather misogynistic character, an aspect of the films Craig himself has said he tried to help reform for modern sensibilities during his tenure as the martini-swilling secret agent. For instance, the character has been notably less promiscuous and more faithful to his women love interests during the Craig era, beginning with 2006’s Casino Royale.

As a testament to this somewhat fraught Bond legacy, Seydoux’s Madeleine Swann, who is the secret agent’s girlfriend in the movie, is the only love interest character in the franchise to appear in two different movies, a statistic the actress called “incredible.” But it’s certainly also a sign of how the franchise has changed over the years.

Appearing on Good Morning America, Seydoux gave her hot take on the question of whether the term “Bond girl” was an antiquated one and should no longer be used. The French actress said it’d be more appropriate to say “Bond woman.”

Seydoux said her role was different than past Bond love interests because “she’s not here to please James Bond. She’s this time a real woman with depth and vulnerability, which is something quite new for a Bond woman.”

You can catch No Time To Die in theaters now.