‘No Way Home’ actor wants Rudy Pankow to play the MCU’s Human Torch

Screengrab via Marvel Comics

The Fantastic Four are poised to make their MCU debut in the coming years and while casting announcements haven’t yet been made, one Spider-Man: No Way Home alumni has suggested an actor that could take up the role of Johnny Storm.

Gary Weeks made his MCU debut as Agent Foster in Spider-Man: Homecoming before appearing again in No Way Home. Speaking to The Direct, Weeks suggested that his Outer Banks co-star Rudy Pankow could make a great addition to Marvel’s roster as the Human Torch.

“Not only could I see him pulling it off, I think he could raise the bar on it. It’s amazing what’s been done. I didn’t mean it that way. He’s just got something with him. He can be sweet and amazing, but he also has this burning side. That side that wants to be heard and seen. Just exactly what I think would be perfect for the character.”

Pankow, who is majorly known for his work as JJ in Outer Banks, has already worked alongside MCU talent. Earlier this year, he took on the role of Young Sam in Unchartered alongside Tom Holland and might reprise the role in future, yet-to-be-greenlighted sequels.

There hasn’t been any indication of who will play the Human Torch when the Fantastic Four do show up in the MCU, but if Weeks is to be believed Pankow could be the perfect actor to do so.

As we get further into the MCU Phase Four, we can expect more official news to reveal how and when these iconic Marvel characters will show up. Till then, all we can do is hope for the best.

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