Christopher Nolan Directs James Bond In Fan-Made Trailer

Not only does the thought of Michael Fassbender starring in a Bond film directed by Christopher Nolan sound like a cinematic masterpiece waiting to happen, but a fan-made trailer all but proves it.

Youtube user Mr88668866 edited the trailer for Nolan’s Bond, using footage from numerous films, including Nolan’s Batman trilogy, Inception, X-Men: First Class, and Prometheus. The result is a thrilling what-if origin for the legendary spy, complete with an all-star cast and breakneck action sequences.

Although it’s probably unlikely this fan imagining will be replicated on the big screen, Nolan has expressed interest in the Bond franchise. In an interview with Empire, Nolan says “It would have to be the right situation and the right time in their cycle of things.”

Personally, I think this trailer provides a storyline worthy of Nolan’s attention. It contains all the traditional espionage characters, and demonstrates how he could surely put his signature Nolan twist on it all. Additionally, the Fassbender footage from X-Men: First Class demonstrates how the actor’s classy persona and aptitude with globetrotting action qualifies him for the job.

My only gripe with the trailer is the seemingly all white, all celebrity dream-cast. It would have been nice to see a more diverse crop of acting showcased, but otherwise, the performances fit well.

See the trailer below and tell us what you think of the fantasy team-up below.