North Koreans Invade Small Town America In New Clip From Red Dawn

The Red Dawn remake has certainly taken its time getting into theatres, so long in fact that leading man Chris Hemsworth was not yet Thor when the film was shot. But give distribution company FilmDistrict some credit: they’re trying to sell Red Dawn now, giving it a premiere at Fantastic Fest in Austin, an official trailer and now this teaser clip, which comes to us courtesy of The Playlist.

It depicts the beginning of the North Korean invasion of small-town America and stars Hemsworth at his muscle-bound best, as well as some pretty fake looking long shots of North Korean aircrafts. It’s a short clip, but it looks like nothing more than your average action film.

The original Red Dawn was made in the 1980s and became very much a product of its time. It was helped along by a certain tongue-in-cheekness that dulled the otherwise ridiculous nature of the plot: teenagers defend their small town from a Communist invasion. If the remake can tap into the same sensibility, great. Based on the clip and the previously released trailer though, I’m skeptical.

This Red Dawn seems to take itself a wee bit too seriously. The obvious CGI of the incoming invaders, the sheer stupidity of the plot, and the apparent interchangability of Chinese and North Koreans does not bode well for this being interesting, thought-provoking or, at the very least, campy. It just kind of looks … stupid.

We shall soon see though as the North Koreans invade on November 21st .