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Not content with weaponizing his vendetta against Batman movies, the mining of James Gunn’s decade-old posts digs up a new target

People really don't have better things to do with their time.

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Apparently, people don’t have anything better to do with their time than trawl through years and years of James Gunn‘s social media posts to try and find something they can weaponize against the current co-CEO of DC Studios.

It sounds equal parts ridiculous and insane, but it was only last week that historical comments he made about both Tim Burton’s Batman and Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins began resurfacing, causing many to demand his removal from the studio’s top job because 10 years ago he said he didn’t like two movies that the majority of people tend to enjoy very much.

That’s the world we live in these days, and it would appear the newfound craze isn’t even over after even more past comments on Damon Lindelof of all people were dug up and reposted on Reddit. As it turns out, Gunn isn’t the only one who didn’t care much for the Lost finale, but quite why his opinion on the matter needs to be recirculated in 2023 is anybody’s guess.

“Lindelof is close to Satan in my book because of the end of Lost. He’s the Uri Geller of storytellers, a total scam artist with no integrity whatsoever. And a liar.”

Of course, you could dive into any messageboard or forum where people talk about the ending of Lost and find a thousand people saying variations on pretty much the same thing, but because Gunn is the man in charge of DC these days, it’s worth reminding everyone that Lindelof came in for verbal tongue-lashing a long time ago. To be fair, the show did fall at the final hurdle.

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