Netflix Dominates Most-Streamed Movies/TV Shows List For October

Hubie Halloween

If you were a Netflix subscriber during the spookiest month of the year, you’re likely to have found a nice selection of intriguing content to sort through. And although you may have moved on to November’s new additions, it might be worth looking back over October’s biggest titles to see if you contributed to the rankings by watching some of your favorite movies and shows of the month.

Surprising almost no one, the creepy Netflix Original series The Haunting of Hill House managed to bring in the lion’s share of the platform’s viewership for October. That being said, it also snagged the top spot on the overall streaming charts, scoring an impressive 15.8% of the total viewership across the most popular services.

Meanwhile, the beloved comedy show Schitt’s Creek dropped its sixth and final season on Netflix early last month and came in a close second in viewership. It scored a total of 14.8% of the total streaming share as well, putting it directly above Disney Plus’ The Mandalorian, which grabbed the overall third spot with 13.9%.

And coming in third for Netflix, specifically, was Adam Sandler’s comedy horror mashup Hubie Halloween, grabbing 12.7% of the streaming stake for the month.

Here are the 10 most-streamed films and shows for October:

1. The Haunting of Bly Manor (Netflix) – 15.8%
2. Schitt’s Creek (Netflix) – 14.8%
3. The Mandalorian (Disney Plus) – 13.9%
4. Hubie Halloween (Netflix) – 12.7%
5. American Murder: The Family Next Door (Netflix) – 10.3%
6. Emily in Paris (Netflix) – 9.8%
7. Ratched (Netflix) – 9.2%
8. The Queen’s Gambit (Netflix) – 7.6%
9. Unsolved Mysteries (Netflix) – 7.5%
10. Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas (Disney Plus) – 7.3%

As you can see, Netflix more or less dominated the streaming charts for the month with its fantastic offerings, many of which were aimed at capturing the Halloween spirit. But did you watch everything on this list? Or did you miss a few of these titles? Let us know down below.