The Odds Of Emilia Clarke Being The Next James Bond Have Really Increased


With Daniel Craig stepping down as James Bond, several big names have been tossed around to take his place, and one star of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones is ranked very high on that list.

Ever since it was announced that No Time To Die would be Craig’s last outing as Bond, there’s been a lot of debate about who should be the next individual to take on the mantle of 007. Many claim it’s time to diversify the character, with some even suggesting a female version could be the way to go.

While those close to the franchise say that a gender-swapped 007 isn’t their first choice, one Game of Thrones queen may have them reconsider that stance. And that’s because according to Express, the odds are heavily stacked in Emilia Clarke’s favor to become the next James Bond, with her chances currently sitting at 33/1.

The Mother of Dragons is placed higher than the likes of Sons of Anarchy‘s Charlie Hunnam and her Last Christmas co-star Henry Golding. And when compared to Will Smith sitting at 100/1 and David Beckham at 250/1, Clarke is far more likely to be the one to give Craig a much-needed break from the spy game.

Of course, Craig has been James Bond since 2006, where he debuted as the man with a license to kill in the well-received Casino Royale. The three followups he starred in were met with mixed reviews, but Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and Spectre all garnered favorable box office returns.

Despite the continued success though, Craig’s long tenure with the franchise has worn thin on the actor, and it became clear that he’d had enough of ordering Martinis shaken and not stirred. For a while, many didn’t think he would reprise the role again until it was announced that No Time to Die would be his final mission as the infamous super spy.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see what the future holds for James Bond after Craig’s final run. Of all the choices out there to carry on the cherished tradition of 007 though, Clarke would no doubt be a welcome addition to the franchise. Still, fans may have to wait a while before a new Bond is named, as No Time to Die isn’t out until April and after that, we imagine it’ll be some time before the next 007 is revealed.

Source: Express