Official Eternals NFTs Revealed

Coinciding with the release of Eternals to theaters Friday, Marvel has announced the heroes will be part of a new digital collectible collection.

Beginning Nov. 6 at 11 AM ET/8AM PT the next wave of Marvel Mightys digital collectibles will be available exclusively on the VeVe app.

In the film, the Eternals were sent to Earth by the Celestials thousands of years ago to protect humankind from a race of predators called the Deviants. Utilizing the unique abilities derived from a cosmic power source, the Eternals are forced into the shadows but must reunite for one last showdown with the evil Deviants that threaten all life as we know it.

All 10 heroes are represented in digital collectible form, with varying degrees of scarcity. Below is the complete breakdown:

  • SERSI – Common
  • IKARIS – Common
  • KINGO – Common
  • PHASTOS – Common
  • MAKKARI – Uncommon
  • DRUIG – Uncommon
  • SPRITE – Rare
  • AJAK – Rare
  • GILGAMESH – Ultra Rare
  • THENA – Ultra Rare

And in the images below, you can check for yourself to see what the collectibles will look like:

The Veve Digital Collectibles App is available on both iOS and Android and enables fans to buy and collect a variety of Marvel non-fungible tokens (NFTs), trade and hunt for rare (or even secret-rare) NFT comic books and collectibles, and display their hard-earned collection through fully customizable virtual showrooms.

The Eternals film stars an ensemble cast that includes Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, Angelina Jolie, Bryce Tyree Henry, Don Lee, Lauren Ridloff, Salma Hayek, Kumail Ninjaini, and Kit Harington. Catch it in theaters now.