It’s Official: Justice League Will Ship With Two Post-Credits Scenes


Hope. It’s the four-letter word on which rebellions are built, and coming out of this morning’s DC-themed Twitter storm, comic book fans are now beginning to look toward Justice League with a renewed sense of it.

That’s because the Zack Snyder/Joss Whedon blockbuster has officially been labeled as a solid addition to the fledgling DC Extended Universe – fun, but flawed is the early consensus – with the full-length reviews expected to debut early next week. In fact, as we reported just yesterday, that window has now been narrowed down to 11:50 pm PST on Tuesday, November 14th (2:50 am EST on the Wednesday for those on the East Coast), so it’ll be some time yet before we catch wind of the final verdict.

Nevertheless, after months of disconcerting rumors and reports of extensive reshoots, knowing that Justice League has emerged relatively unscathed is music to our ears, and amid all of the reactions, unearthed confirmation that Warner’s latest superhero blockbuster will ship with not one, but two post-credits scenes.

Hanging around after the credits is the new normal in this day and age, and considering that some DC fans have waited years – decades, even – for a live-action Justice League movie, we imagine they’ll have no issue with staying a little longer to see what all the fuss is about.

Here’s confirmation of those stingers, courtesy of Twitter:

It’s official: Justice League will ship with not one, but two post-credits scenes, and we already know that the first will center on Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, the would-be King of Atlantis. No mention of what the second stinger entails, but based on these insightful tweets, we imagine that’s for the best. Besides, with only seven days standing between now and release, why ruin the surprise?