Omar Comin’… To The Purge 2


A man’s got to have a code. But in The Purge, that code (a.k.a. “the law”) was suspended for 12 hours of lawlessness and terror. Now get ready for a whole new round of “What Would You Do If All Laws Were Suspended For Half A Day?” because The Purge 2 is comin’, and it has added a few new actors to its roster.

In addition to Frank Grillo, who was previously announced for the filmThe Purge 2 will star Michael K. Williams, Zach Gilford (Friday Night Lights), Kiele Sanchez, and Carmen Ejogo. Williams is best known for his role as Omar Little in the Dickensian HBO crime series The Wire, but he has most recently been tearing up the small screen in Boardwalk Empire, in which he plays the crime boss Chalky White.

Gilford starred in the Friday Night Lights TV series as hunky high school footballer Matt Saracen, who looked oddly old for someone who was in high school, but everyone learns at his or her own pace so let’s not judge too harshly.

Fans of Lost might recognize Kiele Sanchez from her role as the scheming murderess Nikki, and fans of the movie Alex Cross might recognize Carmen Ejogo from HAHA, JUST KIDDING, NOBODY WAS A FAN OF ALEX CROSS.

As with the first film, The Purge 2 will undoubtedly have moviegoers asking each other, “What would you do if everything was legal for 12 hours?” Personally, I would jaywalk so hard. Just back and forth across the street, over and over again, with no regard for my own safety. Maybe I’d walk into a convenience store and grab a candy bar, and the cashier would be like, “Hey, are you going to pay for that?” and I’d be like “Yeah, but not until tomorrow. Today, there are no rules.”

Anyway, The Purge 2 is scheduled to hit theaters on June 20, 2014. Until then… binge, I guess?