The Purge 2 Lands Frank Grillo


In today’s horror world, if your film can gross $89 million worldwide on a (relatively) measly budget of $3 million, you’re bound to start hearing the world “sequel” in no time. 2013’s surprisingly entertaining horror/thriller The Purge is the most recent beneficiary of the before mentioned scenario, which turned a pretty profit for producers Michael Bay and Jason Blum. The Purge 2 was inevitably announced a few months later, with Jason DeMonaco returning as writer and director, but since the announcement, we haven’t heard much in the way of details.

While we still don’t know whether we’ll be spending another night during the now infamous Purge, we do know who will be the focus of DeMonaco’s sequel. As of today, actor Frank Grillo has been tapped to star in The Purge 2. Don’t get too excited though, because with no story details released to the public yet on this horror sequel, his character is unfortunately unconfirmed.

We still don’t even know if the surviving members of The Purge will be returning for another night of murderous mayhem, but it would almost seem silly to drag Lena Headey into a repeat invasion. Even if Grillo plays the father of another family attempting to fight off home invaders much like Ethan Hawke did in DeMonaco’s first film, I’d still be a tad bit let down, because there’s so much more insanity to capture during the annual Purge. I’m hoping we’ll see Frank Grillo become stranded outside with the psychos, degenerates, and lunatics who run free one night a year, bringing governmentally approved Hell to Earth. We’ve seen what the Purge can do to a household, now show us what a vile, disgusting, dehumanizing scenario this “cleansing” really is – up close and personal.

Alas, I’m not James DeMonaco’s writing partner, so we’ll just have to wait until more details on The Purge 2 are released. At least we were able to start piecing this crazy puzzle together, with Frank Grillo being the first step. Will he be a family man? A drifter? Maybe just someone looking to release a little stress during the Purge? Go ahead kiddies, start the speculating and see what you come up with, but with the sequel’s 2014 release date, I don’t think it’ll be too long before more information starts trickling out.

So what does everyone think about Frank Grillo’s casting? Do you think James DeMonaco is going to up the ante with his sequel?