This Force Awakens Actor Is All But Confirmed For Star Wars: Episode IX


Cast your eye over the industry archives and you’ll no doubt begin to notice a series of Hollywood double acts – be it Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro or Wes Anderson and Bill Murray.

Indeed, it’s often the case that a particular actor becomes something of a good-luck charm for their frequent collaborator, and that’s very much the case with Greg Grunberg and director J.J. Abrams. So if you happen to find a movie with Abrams’ name on the masthead, chances are Grunberg was involved in some capacity, which is true of Super 8 and Star Trek Beyond, to name but two.

And it seems Star Wars: Episode IX will be no different. While chatting to Yahoo Movies, the actor all but confirmed his involvement in the 2019 sequel, where he’ll presumably reprise his role as Temmin ‘Snap’ Wexley, the Resistance flyboy trained by none other than ace Rebel pilot Wedge Antilles.

You know what — we’d better or else my wife is going to kill me for growing a beard. I can’t officially say anything, but this is getting itchy, and I’m getting itchy to go over there and do it.

Itching to get over there, you say? While he’s undoubtedly bound to all sorts of NDA agreements, it’s pretty clear that Greg Grunberg is referring to Episode IX‘s production in the United Kingdom, which is expected to host the Star Wars sequel later this month.

Filming will continue well into the summer, so there’s a very good chance that Abrams and his team will announce one or two more additions to the cast before Star Wars: Episode IX sets the wheels in motion. December 20th, 2019 is the date for your diaries.