One of Jason Statham’s best actioners barrels onto the Netflix most-watched list

Jason Statham Safe

Typecasting is a very real thing in Hollywood, and while it’s had a detrimental effect on many stars, it’s served as the basis for Jason Statham’s entire career and created a wheelhouse that he’s happy to keep on living in.

If we include the word ‘the’ as a prefix and not part of the actual title, then you’d be amazed at the sheer number of mid budget movies the bald-headed action icon has appeared in over the last two decades that have one-word monikers and find him as either a current or former member of the military, police or some kind of criminal organization.


It’s a list that spans… deep breath… The Transporter trilogy, The One, Cellular, Revolver, London, Chaos, Crank, War, 13, The Expendables, The Mechanic, Blitz, Parker, Hummingbird/Redemption, and Homefront. However, one film that hasn’t been named is currently playing like gangbusters on Netflix, as per FlixPatrol.

In keeping with the habit of a lifetime, Safe is a mid budget action thriller with a one-word title that stars Statham as a law enforcement veteran with a grudge, ticking all of the boxes that you’d want, but the set pieces have a little added crunch to elevate it into top-tier territory. It’s comfortably one of the his best, and Netflix subscribers clearly agree after Safe crashed the most-watched list.