One Of Russell Crowe’s Best Movies Has Just Been Added To Netflix

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe is an outstanding actor; from Prisoners of the Sun to his latest film, Unhinged; he’s an iconic figure in the entertainment realm. Many of his films are fan-favorites that you can enjoy again and again.

One of his greatest films ever is coming to Netflix this week, and we’re incorporating it into our weekly watch list the minute it premieres. Gladiator will be available to stream on the platform soon, and we can’t wait. If you’ve somehow missed the theatrical masterpiece that is Gladiator; here’s the premise of the film for you.

The new Roman Emperor betrays his best General, who was loyal to his father, and kills his family. General Maximus, thought dead, is forced into the slave circuit, but works his way to Rome via gladiator tournaments, determined to wreak revenge.

The fight and triumph of Maximus is a focus of the movie, of course, and Crowe plays the part with the whisper of strength when necessary and also the cry of victory. The path to revenge always takes casualties, and he’s decided the reward outweighs the risk.

Gladiator is available to watch on Netflix from today and is joined by several other new arrivals. Those wanting to plan their watch schedule for the foreseeable future can check out the full list of new and upcoming additions to Netflix over here.