One Of Venom’s Funniest Scenes Was Completely Improvised


Venom star Tom Hardy recently raised a few red flags when he said that his favorite scenes of the movie didn’t make the final cut. Since then, the actor has clarified his statement, explaining that he was referring to the many scenes of improvisation that he, as a performer, enjoyed doing. Now, director Ruben Fleischer has revealed one of his favorite moments of the film, and while it too is a moment of improvisation for Hardy, this scene will actually make it to cinemas.

Speaking to CinemaBlend, Fleischer recalled an early moment in which Eddie Brock is not yet used to the idea of sharing his body with an alien symbiote, causing him to act out in drastic ways.

“One of my favorite moments in the movie is when he’s in the Bistro, and he’s freaking out, and that’s the first time he hears Venom in public, and he ends up jumping into a lobster tank. That was something that we hadn’t planned. We went to rehearse the scene at the set, and the production designer had planned for a giant lobster tank in the middle of the restaurant. And Tom goes, ‘Well, I must get in that [if] there’s going to be a giant lobster tank. Of course I’m going to go in it!’ For me, that’s like a really fun moment in the movie and that’s really unexpected and that was all just Tom leading us in that direction, which ended up being such a great instinct.”

The Zombieland helmsman has been consistently touting Hardy’s performance as one of the best reasons to check out the upcoming comic book flick, and from the sound of things, the guy was pretty committed to his role. He better be, too, since the actor is signed on to play Venom in two more movies after this one, with this first film serving as the foundation for a whole new cinematic universe.

That being said, early reviews for the pic don’t exactly herald a promising future for this future for this franchise, with various Twitter users likening the Venom movie to such infamous cinematic outings as Catwoman and Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four. We’ll see if the general public thinks more highly of the flick when it hits theaters on October 5th.

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